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Health Checks

  1. Blood Pressure Monitoring: You can check and monitor your blood pressure at Dollar Pharmacy. We have our experience pharmacist to advise you on the lifestyle changes to help regulate your blood pressure, medication adherence, drug-drug interaction and medication review
  2. Blood Glucose Monitoring: Diabetic risk assessment is available on the spot at our pharmacy

Travel Health and Advice Service

  1. Are you travelling in or out of the country and worried about being quarantined at the airport due to exposure to Malaria or Typhoid? Don’t worry, our experienced pharmacists are available to give professional advice, medications and things you would need to do to prepare you for your journey.

Women’s Health

  1. Pregnancy Test: We have varieties of pregnancy testing kits are available at our pharmacy
  2. Family Planning: Worried about family planning? We have range of products available to meet your needs on family planning.

Men’s Health

  1. We provide advice on sexual health matters such as erectile dysfunction and lifestyle changes needed to keep you vibrant and active.

Midnight Services

  1. If you need medication or require expert pharmacist advice at midnight, Dollar Pharmacy midnight service is here to help.

Smoking Care

  1. At Dollar Pharmacy, we help our customers live a happy, healthier and quality life. Our smoking care plan keeps you motivated to make healthy choices aiding you to smoke less or quit for good